Harnett County Departments

Harnett County Departments


Airport - Harnett Regional Jetport (HRJ)

Harnett Regional Jetport is a county-owned public-use airport in Harnett County, North Carolina, United States. The airport is located four nautical miles northwest of the central business district of Erwin. It was formerly known as Harnett County Airport.

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Animal Services

The County of Harnett Animal Services mission is to protect the health and safety of citizens, advocate animal protection / welfare and promote the humane treatment of all animals.

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Board of Commissioners

The Harnett County Board of Commissioners is the governing body for the entire county. Responsibilities include overseeing the budget, zoning and planning issues, promoting growth, and improving the quality of life for citizens of Harnett County.

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Board of Education

The Harnett County Board of Education consists of five members; each elected on a partisan ballot by the people for a four - year term. The County is divided into five political districts with one Board of Education member from each district. A Board member must live in the district for the position held but must be elected by the majority of citizens voting in that district. The Board is the policy-making body for the Harnett County Schools.

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Board of Elections

Harnett County Board of Elections is dedicated to conducting honest, fair and impartial elections pledging the highest level of integrity for the voters and citizens Of Harnett County.

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Budget Office

The Budget Office is part of the County Manager's Office and is responsible for developing and implementing Harnett County's annual operating budget and multi-year capital improvements program.

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Clerk of Court

To provide accessible justice to the citizens and residents of Harnett County and surrounding communities so that the rights and liberties of all people are protected, as guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States and North Carolina.

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Community Development

The County of Harnett's Community Development program is committed to matching available funding sources to citizen's housing rehabilitation needs.

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Cooperative Extension

The North Carolina Cooperative Extension is an educational partnership helping people put research-based knowledge to work for economic prosperity, environmental stewardship, and an improved quality of life.

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County Manager's Office

The County Manager serves as chief administrator of county government and maintains responsibility for administering all departments under the general control of the five-member Board of Commissioners.

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Department on Aging

The Harnett County Division on Aging Coordinates services and programs for older adults, educates the public in successful aging, acts as a catalyst for new programs and services in the interest of older adults.

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Development Services

The Development Services Department includes Planning Services, Central Permitting, and Inspections. Our mission is the preservation and promotion of the quality of life for all residents of Harnett County through proper planning, land use, and construction practices. Our mission is the preservation and promotion of the quality of life for all citizens of Harnett County through proper planning, land use, construction codes.

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Economic Development

Harnett County Economic Development provides a comprehensive approach for target sector business recruitment, retention, and expansion. Program initiatives seek to develop business parks, create speculative building partnerships, foster relationships with businesses, and support advocacy and marketing efforts to position Harnett County for living wage jobs and investment.

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Emergency Services

The Harnett County Office of Emergency Services is committed to establishing and maintaining a progressive Emergency Services Organization that is based on the Principles of Teamwork, Cooperation, Mutual Respect and an Awareness of the needs of our Community and its Citizens.

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Facilities Maintenance

Our services are to maintain a pleasant and appealing physical appearance of all public buildings , while keeping them in the best operational condition possible.

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Finance Office

The Finance Office maintains the accounting records of the county in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and the regulations of the local government commission.

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Fleet Maintenance

Our mission is to provide a safe and healthy fleet of vehicles for employee usage. Fleet staff provides corrective, preventative, and predictive maintenance to all fleet vehicles in the most productive and cost efficient manner.

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General Services

General Services is the central management office for several programs and services of Harnett County. These programs included Animal Services, Community Development, Transportation (HARTS), and Youth Services

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GIS/E-911 Addressing

Harnett County GIS, a division of the IT Department, delivers efficient, high-quality data and analytics to County agencies, the public, and our regional partners, to meet the needs of Harnett County government and the communities we serve. The core value of GIS is to provide services that are accurate, consistent, accessible, affordable, and comprehensive. GIS also provides addresses, road name signs, and mapping.

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Harnett Area Rural Transit System (HARTS)

HARTS is a Community Transportation program that serves the public as well as human services for medical, personal, employment, and education trips.

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Harnett County Schools

The mission of Harnett County Schools is to educate students in a safe environment empowering them to focus on lifelong learning, responsible citizenship, and global awareness.

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    Lillington, NC 27546

Harnett Regional Water

The mission of Harnett Regional Water is to provide the highest quality of water and wastewater services to the citizens of Harnett County and the surrounding region at the most economical cost while promoting conservation and protecting the environment.

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Health Department

The mission of the Harnett County Health Department is to prevent illness, diseases, and injuries, promote healthy lifestyles, and keep the environment clean, healthy and safe.

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HUD Office

Harnett County Housing is a federally funded program, through the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. This program was established to assist very low-income families with rental subsidy to live in modest-decent, safe and sanitary housing of their choice through out Harnett County.

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Human Resources & Risk Management

The mission of the Human Resource Department is to attract, retain, and develop employees who will strive for excellence in service, be committed to growth and prosperity, and are willing to invest themselves in order to improve the quality of life in Harnett County.

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Information Technology

The Information Technology Department is responsible for all technology aspects of Harnett County. The IT Department is specifically responsible for hardware and software support, training, maintaining email and Internet access, system installation, networking, and centralized purchasing of computer-related items.

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Legal Department

Harnett County Department of Legal Services provides legal services for Harnett County Government. The Legal Department advises and represents the County in all legal matters except in situations where certain County departments have their own counsel and unusual situations where it is determined to be in the best interest of the County to retain outside counsel.

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The Harnett County Library System is comprised of the Main Library located in Lillington, as well as branch libraries located in Anderson Creek Primary School, the Boone Trail Community Center, and locations in Angier, Coats, Dunn, and Erwin.

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Parks & Recreation

The objective of the Harnett County Parks and Recreation Department is to provide with the assistance of volunteer community organizations, and other local, state, and federal agencies, a broad and comprehensive program of leisure recreational opportunities and facilities for all citizens regardless of age or disability within budgetary limitations.

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Public Information

The Public Information Office, a division under the County Manager's Office, oversees the communications, marketing, and community relations efforts between the county and our citizens. Our goal is to keep citizens connected with frequent and reliable updates on news and information.

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Register of Deeds

The Register of Deeds is Harnett County's elected official custodian and manager of public records. Assuring public record integrity and accessibility is an important public function. A number of North Carolina General Statutes directly affect record maintenance and access.

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Sandhills Center

Responsible for Providing Mental Health/Developmental Disability/Substance Abuse Services for the citizens of Lee and Harnett Counties


Sheriff's Office

The Harnett County Sheriff's Office website is provided to provide our citizens with information about the Sheriff's Office. We are also providing information about suspects and missing person cases. Our goal is to utilize all resources to enhance law enforcement for Harnett County citizens. We welcome your input, as well as assistance, which you may render to solve community problems and crimes.

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Social Services

The Harnett County Department of Social Services strives to improve the quality of life for the citizens of our county. The programs of our agency are vast and touch the lives of many families within our communities.

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Soil & Water Conservation District

The Harnett County Soil and Water Conservation District is a subdivision of State Government. Improving water quality, preventing soil erosion, protecting and improving water resources, promoting and encouraging sound conservation practices by providing information and technical assistance, are some of the responsibilities and the purpose of the district

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Solid Waste

Harnett County Solid Waste is responsible for the management and day-to-day operation of the landfills/transfer stations located in the county.

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Tax Department

The Tax Department is responsible for listing, appraising and assessing all real estate, personal property and registered motor vehicles within Harnett County. We are also charged with the duty of collecting all current and delinquent taxes on real and personal properties.

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Youth Services

Harnett County Youth Services is also known as the Harnett County Juvenile Restitution and Community Service Program.

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