Our department consists of three distinct divisions that have unique duties and responsibilities of service in our County. Please use the logos below or the tabs above to navigate to each of these divisions to assist you finding needed information, forms and other resources to better assist you.



Each Division has their own specialties and responsibilities that they carry out each day to assure they are providing the best service possible for our residents of Harnett County.  Throughout the three divisions, our Department works and completes some of the following tasks as part of our normal operations:

  • Coordinate local, state, and federal resources, both human and material to limit damages and expedite recovery from both manmade and natural disasters

  • Provide public awareness education program for emergency preparedness

  • Coordinate and execute a Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program in cooperation with Duke Energy

  • Provide training to the community's disaster organizations in emergency services and operations

  • Investigation of cause and origin of fires in conjunction with our area contracted fire departments

  • Coordination of the county fire and rescue districts in order to develop a comprehensive emergency services system within the county

  • Conducts fire inspections in every building in the county, according to state fire code.

  • Implementation of the North Carolina State Fire Prevention Code

  • Fire education programs for community services groups, senior citizens, and others as requested

  • Provide a professional system of highly skilled, state certified Emergency Medical Technicians, Advanced EMT's and Paramedics who provide treatment and stabilization for illnesses and injuries

  • Provide emergency and non-emergency transport of persons to medical appointments, healthcare facilities and hospitals

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