Harnett County,
North Carolina

Harnett County strives to provide our citizens with an enhanced quality of life that preserves our agricultural heritage and embraces future growth for a thriving and prosperous community.

Featured Information

FY 2023 Approved Budget

The County’s Annual Budget estimates the total value of resources required to perform County operations and support citizen needs. It also sets tax rates and fee schedules for the Fiscal Year. County Commissioners approved the Fiscal Year 2023 County budget on June 20, 2022. Learn more about this year's budget. 

School Bus Safety Program

With North Carolina's first stop-arm safety program, Harnett County is taking action against dangerous driving around school buses. Learn more about this program. 

Strong Roots, Smart Growth Economic Development Plan

The Strong Roots, Smart Growth Economic Development Plan provides review of what has changed since the County's 2015 Growth Plan was adopted, benchmarking to determine best practices, and recommendations for how to move forward through the implementation of a 5-year plan. View the plan now!

2023 Legislative Priorities

Each year, County Commissioners develop a list of legislative priorities to discuss with our state and federal legislative representatives to continue to support our ciitzens' needs. At the January 31, 2023 Commissioners meeting, the Board adopted the FY 2023 Legislative Priorities. View our 2023 Legislative Priorites.

2032 Strategic Plan

Harnett County's Strategic Plan articulates a dynamic and exciting vision for the future of Harnett County, along with a mission for County Government and five strategic goals that are intended to make that vision a reality. The plan also includes a set of shared core values for Harnett County Government, and objectives under each goal with key strategic actions aimed at accomplishing those objectives. View our 2032 Strategic Plan. 

Water Meter Upgrade Project

Harnett Regional Water is updating existing water meters with newer, Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) meters to provide greater benefits to the County’s utility operations and enhance your customer experience. 

Keep Harnett Beautiful

Learn more about our Keep Harnett Beautiful initiative and how you can volunteer!

Commissioners Meetings

The Board of Commissioners holds regular meetings the first Monday of each month at 9 a.m. and the third Monday of each month at 6 p.m. Stay up-to-date with the latest County information by viewing past meeting minutes. 

Economic Development

Harnett County combines the benefits of living and doing business in a rural county with the economic and cultural opportunities afforded by North Carolina's capital city and Research Triangle Park.

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