Harnett County does not provide surveying services. Residents must consult privately with a surveyor for surveying services. 

Please check the Harnett County Register of Deeds website to check to see if a recent survey has been recorded for your property. 

Harnett County does not regulate fences on residential lots, and no fence permits are required to erect a fence. When erecting a fence on your property, please be advised that- 

  • A fence cannot be located within an easement or right-of-way, and must be located outside of the NCDOT required 10'x70' sight triangle
  • The Planning Department recommends building the fence 1' from the property to avoid property line disputes with a neighbor 

*Fences located within a required landscape buffer, a manufactured home park, or as a part of a non-residential development are subject to regulation. 

Restrictive covenants and deed restrictions are enforced privately. Harnett County does not enforce restrictive covenants and deed restrictions. 

Search the Harnett County Register of Deeds for restrictive covenants or for the property's deed to determine if your property is subject to these regulations.