Things to Remember During the Trial

After you are selected as a juror in a case, there are some rules of conduct which you should observe:

  • If you wish to bring your cell phone, you must bring your jury summons and present it to security upon entry. Silence cell phones and pagers before entering the courtrooms.
  • Do NOT be late.
  • Always listen to the instructions of the Judge.
  • Always sit in the same seat in the jury box. This enables the judge, the clerk and the lawyers to identify you more easily.
  • Listen to every question and answer. Since you must base your verdict upon the evidence, you should attempt to hear every question asked and every answer given.
  • Do not talk about the case. While you are a juror and before you retire to the jury room after the argument of the lawyers and the instruction of the judge, you should not talk to anyone about the case, not even to another juror. You should not permit anyone to talk to you or talk in your presence about the case. If any person persists in talking to you about it or attempts to influence you as a juror, you should report that fact to the judge immediately.
  • You should not watch news broadcasts or read newspapers when instructed by the Judge.
  • Do not be an “amateur detective.” Since the only evidence you can consider is that presented in court you are not allowed to make an independent investigation or to visit any of the places involved in the case.

If there is an emergency at home, how will my family contact me?
In an emergency, you may be contacted through the Clerk of Superior Court's office at (910) 814-4620. The court staff will make certain that you get the message.

Conduct in the jury room:

Your first duty upon retiring at the close of the case is to select your foreperson. It is the foreperson’s duty to see that discussion is carried on in the sensible and orderly fashion, to see that the issues submitted for your decision are fully and fairly discussed and that every juror has a chance to say what he or she thinks about every question. You will vote on the questions presented to you. When a unanimous decision has been reached, the foreperson will record your decision and present it to the court.

The foreperson and each juror should see that discussion in the jury room is never so loud that it can be heard outside. Until a verdict is announced, no outsider should know what goes on in the jury room.


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