Stream Rehabilitation Projects

Stream Rehabilitation Projects

The Streamflow Rehabilitation Assistance Program (StRAP) provides grants to projects that help reduce flooding and restore streams across North Carolina. The program is facilitated by the NC Department of Agriculture’s Division of Soil and Water Conservation and was created by the NC General Assembly in 2022 in an effort to protect and restore the integrity of drainage infrastructure throughout North Carolina’s waterways. 

The NC General Assembly has again allocated funding for the project for the 2024 fiscal year.  The Harnett Soil and Water Conservation District is seeking landowners or land managers that have identified areas of concern within our local waterways.  To request StRAP funding to address stream rehabilitation needs, citizens are encouraged to complete the Harnett SWCD’s StRAP Round 2 application before January 5, 2024.   

StRAP funds are intended to support projects that restore and protect drainage infrastructure of both natural streams and small watershed structural projects to prevent future flooding, restore streams, and reduce risks to life and property.

StRAP eligible projects include:
• Vegetative debris removal
• Instream sediment removal
• Streambank stabilization
• Stream restoration
• Other stream repair needs (ex: culvert replacement)

All applications are due by January 5, 2024.  Applications will be reviewed for eligibility and ranked according to set program priorities.  District staff may contact applicants (landowners) for further information or to set up a site visit once applications are submitted.  

Online APPLICATION - StRAP Round 2

Applications can also be filed in person at the Harnett Soil and Water Conservation District Office.  For questions about StRAP, please contact Mitchell Womack at 910-893-7584 or by email at  

Available funding is limited.  Applications not funded this round will be considered as additional funding becomes available.