Registered voters in Harnett County can:

Help Your Community
Gain Work Experience
Experience Elections Behind the Scenes
Meet New People



Temporary election officials are utilized to handle early voting and Election Day needs. Judges and Chief Judges are recommended by the chairman of each political party in the county and are selected for two-year terms.

Registered voters of Harnett County may submit applications to work as election assistants through their local Board of Elections office. Limited student assistant positions are also available. Training is provided, and they must be able to work the full Election Day.


Election Workers are temporarily employed to:

    • process voters using election software on laptops
    • issue ballots to voters
    • provide voter assistance
    • process curbside voters
    • conduct crowd control and line management
    • direct in parking areas
    • and other administrative duties as assigned

What are the job requirements?

  1. Must be at least 18* years of age and legally eligible to work in the US.
  2. Must be a resident and registered voter in Harnett County, NC.
  3. Must be available for the full Election Day (approximately 5:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.).
  4. Must maintain confidentiality of voter information and sign an oath of party/candidate impartiality.
  5. Must be able to read and write along with basic typing and computer skills.
  6. Must be able to sit and stand for extended periods.
  7. Must be willing to work all positions and duties, including curbside voting, outdoor voter assistance, and breaking down the site.
  8. Must have reliable transportation to and from the voting site.
  9. Must attend one 3-hour training class.
  10. Attend a meeting at the voting site the night before Election Day to set up and discuss assignments.

*For students at least 17 years of age at the time of the election or primary please reference further details here

If you are interested in being considered for a position as an election worker for the next election day, please complete the Election Worker application. The application can be completed and e-mailed to or mailed to our office directly. Please read the requirements before submitting an application.


Applications to be an election worker can be found under FORMS and may be completed, saved, and e-mailed to our office. You may also choose to print and deliver/mail the completed application to our Lillington office.


Election Worker Training Documents

The following is only IN ADDITION TO the in-person training you will need to sign-up for to be an election worker. It is not a substitute and is simply here for your reference.