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Tuesday, September 15, 2020  |  Permalink

Harnett County Schools Transition to In-Person Instruction on September 28

On September 14, the Harnett County Board of Education announced that schools will reopen for In-Person instruction on Monday, September 28. Students will begin school on an A/B schedule. Families who chose remote instruction will continue with five days of remote instruction. Starting September 28, Harnett County Schools will reopen under the following In-Person instruction schedule: 

  • In-Person Instruction begins Monday, September 28, on an A/B
    • Students assigned to an “A” schedule will attend school on Monday and
    • Students assigned to a “B” schedule will attend school on Thursday and
  • All Students will be in remote learning on Wednesday for the “deep cleaning” of school
  • A/B schedule will conclude on Thursday, October
  • Students may continue with five days of remote instruction if they initially chose this
  • Families may change their instruction the instructional setting for their student(s) at the following times:
    • Students may switch on Monday, September 28, if the school is notified by September
    • Students may switch on Monday, October 26, if the school is notified by October
  • During holidays and teacher workdays, there will be no in-person or remote
  • This schedule currently applies for the remainder of the first quarter (9-weeks).
  • Per state law, remote learning is for all students on remote days, identified as “SLR” on the 2020-2021 Harnett County Schools
  • NC Pre-Kindergarten program will operate five days a
  • Self-contained Exceptional Children (EC) and some special instructional programs (Dual Immersion) may operate in a four-day

Important Calendar Dates: 

The final day of remote instruction for all students.

First day of in-person instruction for students. The schedule will be on an A/B schedule.

Teacher Workday - No in-person or remote learning.

Remote learning for all students to comply with state school calendar requirements.

The final day of the A/B schedule (Contingent on entering Phase III).

Five-day in-person instruction begins (Contingent on entering Phase III).

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