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Thursday, January 9, 2020  |  Permalink

Harnett County Public Library to Offer Free Technology Training Program

The Harnett County Public Library has announced a free Technology Training Passport Program starting on February 3.

The Technology Training Passport Program at the Harnett County Public Library challenges new and not-so-new technology users to learn about a variety of computer topics at the library by earning rewards for attending classes.

Classes will be offered to citizens free of charge and will be held at the Harnett County Public Library, located at 601 S. Main Street, Lillington.

The Technology Training Passport Program will include the following classes:

Computers for Beginners
Learn the basics of what a computer is and how to use it, including practice using a mouse and keyboard. No computer experience required.
Dates offered: Feb. 3 at 6:00 and Feb. 4 at 10:00

Files, Folders and Desktops
Learn how your computer is organized, including files and folders, and discover how to find what you're looking for. Experience using a mouse and keyboard required.
Dates offered: Feb. 24 at 10:00 and Feb. 25 at 6:00

Microsoft Word for Beginners
Learn how to create and edit a word processing document with Microsoft Word. You’ll learn basic editing options including how to change text size and format, adjust line spacing, and align text.
Dates offered: March 16 at 10:00 and March 17 at 6:00

Intermediate Microsoft Word
Take your knowledge of Word to the next level. Learn how to insert and format headers and footers, page numbers, pictures, tables and graphs.
Dates offered: April 6 at 10:00 and April 7 at 6:00

Ancestry Library Edition
Learn how to search for your ancestors using the library edition of Ancestry. Get tips on how to find information about relatives and how to organize genealogy research online.
Dates offered: April 27 at 10:00 and April 28 at 6:00

For more information on the Technology Training Passport Program, contact Harnett County Public Library at 910-893-3446 or visit www.harnett.org/library.

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