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Friday, August 31, 2018  |  Permalink

Harnett County Releases New Video Promoting County’s Assets

Video invites viewers to “come write your story” in Harnett County

Harnett County has released a new promotional video that County leaders hope will give residents and those who live outside of Harnett County a better idea of what makes the county a great place to live, visit and do business.

The video, titled “Come Write Your Story,” made its debut Tuesday when it was presented to the Harnett County Board of Commissioners. The video features scenes of some of Harnett County’s outdoor recreational amenities, local restaurants and businesses, sporting events, and educational opportunities.

The video can be found on the Harnett County Economic Development website, as well as the “Harnett County Government” Vimeo page: https://vimeo.com/280223115. The video has also been posted to the “Harnett County Government” Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/HarnettCounty/videos/308809303258119/.

Assistant County Manager Brian Haney, who worked with Harnett County Economic Development staff and TravelvideoNC to create the video, said its purpose is to dispel misconceptions about Harnett County and highlight some of what the county has to offer residents and visitors.

“Many people outside of Harnett County either don’t know much about us or they just think we’re a rural county where there’s not a whole lot going on, which just isn’t true,” said Haney. “Even people who live here and who were born and raised in Harnett County may not know about everything there is to see or do here.”

He said Harnett County has many notable points of interest worth celebrating: The Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine is North Carolina’s newest medical school and one of only five medical schools in North Carolina; Coble Water Ski School and Wakeboard Camp regularly produces world champion water skiers; the Cape Fear River in Harnett County boasts some of the best white water rapids east of the North Carolina mountains; and Aloha Safari Zoo is home to numerous exotic animals including Siberian tigers, a zebra and a giraffe, just to name a few.

“We hope this video will instill a sense of pride in our residents and make people rethink what they may have thought about Harnett County,” he said. “We want people to watch this video and then hopefully go out and experience these places – and others in our county – for themselves.”

He said some populations the County would especially like to reach include students who plan to leave Harnett County after graduating high school, students at Campbell University, and men and women who are living in Harnett County while stationed at Fort Bragg.

“We think there are opportunities to more proactively engage these groups so that some may decide to come back home or stay here after they get their education or finish their military service,” said Haney. “Part of that engagement is educating people about what we actually have here instead of relying on perception.”

The end of the video includes a link to Harnett County Economic Development’s website where there is a directory of locations featured in the video and other points of interest throughout Harnett County.

Haney said the County is planning to produce additional videos to enhance ongoing economic development efforts. Future videos will target specific areas such as industry and business recruitment.

“Harnett County has a great story to tell,” said Haney. “We know there’s plenty of potential, both for our current residents and people who live in other parts of the region, to come to Harnett County and write their own stories using the tools we have to help them succeed.”

To learn more about the locations and events featured in the “Come Write Your Story” video, go to http://harnettedc.org/come-write-your-story.asp. For more information about Harnett County Economic Development, go to www.harnettedc.org or contact (910) 893-7524.

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