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Tuesday, October 11, 2016  |  Permalink

October 11 Possible Effects of the Woodlake Dam/Lower Little River Situation in Harnett County

10/11/16 @ 1:26am:

Possible effects of the Woodlake Dam situation in regards to the Lower Little River in Harnett County:

Harnett County officials have been in continuous contact with Moore County EOC Emergency Operations Center, Cumberland County EOC and the National Weather Service. The information from these individuals and their counterparts are confirming the information published earlier. Woodlake dam does pose a threat however it has not breached. Moore County has issued a voluntary evacuation in that area as a precaution. NC dam safety officials are on scene and performing evaluations at this time.

The following information was given to us by the National Weather Service and their flood evaluation professionals for the worst case scenario.

If there was a full breach of the dam, the water is expected to travel at a speed of 3-4 mph and would take approximately 6 hours to arrive in the area of Lower Little River at the Harnett & Cumberland County Line.

In the worst case, the water will spread out and will slow down tremendously prior to reaching Harnett County. Effect could result in a 3.5 foot rise in water, but will likely be less. The longer time passes the probability would be a decrease in the amount.

The possible affected areas may include Shady Grove Road. Elliott Bridge Road near the Cumberland County line, Wire Road near the Cumberland County line.


Please stay tuned to local networks and official government social media pages.

If you have further questions you may contact our Emergency Operation Center Public Information Section at 910-893-0633 and 910-893-0634.